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Hi Don.

Because of your participation here, I listed JB&A on our Friends of GovITwiki page. Hope that's oka. If not, let me know. We are in the process of talking to a major university about moving GovITwiki undere their umbrella, so I'm trying to highling some of the good work that's been done here. Thanks! -- Sprocket, Dec. 27, 2007

Hi Don. Would you be interested in serving as volunteer section manager for the Other DoD Components page, or any other DoD pages? If so, just check out the Section Manager page for basic details. -- Sprocket

Sorry Sprocket, My affiliation with the DoD prevents me from commenting on or providing insights to DoD pages on non dot mil or dot US GOV sites. Thanks for the offer.

Understood. While we do have other DoD contributors here, each person's situation is obviously different. Your readership and future participation are always welcome.

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