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Telecommunication is a form of communication over distance, via the transmission of signals. Historically this might have this may have ranged from smoke signals, to flags, to the telegraph. In modern times, telecommunication usuallyinvolves the use of electronic transmitters such as the telephone, television, radio or computer. Signals can be either analogue or digital. In an analogue signal, the signal is varied continuously with respect to the information. In a digital signal, the information is encoded as a set of discrete values (for example ones and zeros).

Most telecommunication these days takes place over a communications network. A network is a collection of transmitters, receivers or transceivers that communicate with each other.

Within the government, telecommunications contracts can cover either voice communications or computer communications. Recent telecommunications have offered both.

Major Federal Government Telecommunications Contracts

Networx Universal

Networx Enterprise

Overview of Network Service - Long Distance from GSA

the GSA Wireless Store

Overview of Voice, Video and Data telecomm offerings at GSA

Hardware Details

Networking Equipment

Other Government Telecomm Links

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