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Systems Management

By the very nature of Government, Systems Management is an indispensable function of all enterprise networked computer systems. Systems management refers to the administration of enterprise-wide computer systems. With large enterprise-wide computer systems that are widely distributed, and sneakernet is no longer an option, Systems management software is essential for successful management of the enterprise computers.

Systems Management software often can perform remotely, and in an automated manner, some or all of the features below

  • Software Inventory
  • Software Metering
  • Software Deployment
  • Security Patch Installation
  • Anti-Virus Software Management
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Server Availability
  • Network Capacity Monitoring
  • Network Utilization
  • Storage Monitoring
  • Remote Control of Computers
  • Report Generation of the above items

Frequently recommended Systems Management software include (this is hardly a comprehensive list):

An excellent resource for Systems Management technical information and forum discussion: MyITforum.com

Network Management

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