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Shared services and components

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Both within the government and external to the government, efforts are underway to allow agencies to share components as they move toward a Service Oriented Architecture.

Baseline definition of Shared services

  • Definition of a shared services center (SSC).
  • Shared Services Research Documents
  • Enterprise Architecture is key for the development of government shared service centers because agencies need to take a standardized approach to such services, and the way data is imported, or the way service components interact.

IT Services

IT Componet Sharing

  • One high-profile effort (that has not yet taken off in a big way) is CORE.gov. The idea behind CORE.gov is to allow agencies to share software components
  • ET.gov (for emerging technologies) is evolving as a solid repository for reusable components created by or for government computer systems. It has a good search interface to help developers search for specific components and integrated solutions.
  • Another interesting effort is salesforce.com. This organization has created a repository where government agencies, and those who work with government agencies, can share components that are useful for government business. View all industries, including public sector.
  • OSOA.org is the Open SOA Collaboration, which represents an informal group of industry leaders that share a common interest: defining a language-neutral programming model that meets the needs of enterprise developers, specifically those who develop software that can use Service Oriented Architecture characteristics and benefits.

hosted by GSA Intergovernmental Solutions that includes a collaboration wiki and a software repository.

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