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Here's how you can participate in the Government Information Technology Wiki.
First, Request an Account on GovITwiki.

Not sure how or where to start? Just edit first and worry about creating full pages later. As you explore govITwiki, you're sure to find information that needs to be expanded or updated. Feel free to do so.


"How to Participate Pages" for Specific Types of Visitors

These people can use the wiki to establish themselves as content experts in their field.

Or, general participation information is available below.


  • If you find this information useful, simply click on one of the ads to make a small donation to GOVITWIKI.COM. This is strictly a volunteer effort, but we still have hosting and wiki consulting bills to pay.
  • Spread the word on rapidly growing GovITwiki. With multiple participants, we can build an accurate centralized reference resource for everyone involved in government Information technology.
  • Bookmark your favorite articles with your favorite social bookmarking tool. We have a list of them on our Main Page and the left of every article under Share This! If you don't yet know how social bookmarking works, please check out the article on social bookmarking at wikipedia.


  • Choose a user name and register here. We don't collect any personally identifiable information, but feel free to add your name and a brief description on our Community Portal page. In order to keep our content of the highest quality, you will need to verify your email address to edit pages.
  • Look for links shown in red. These areas need more information. If you are familiar with one of these areas, feel free to click through and add this information, with documentation. You can also find things that you can write about on the Wanted Pages article.
  • Look for the search box to search for a specific subject area related to government information technologies or specific agency IT projects. If the page has not yet been created, follow the create this page link and add new content. If the page does already exist, feel free to add additional information (documented).
  • Use Templates


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