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Government Use of Open Source Solutions: An Introduction

History of Open Source in Government

Current Situation

Currently there are three central document formats in existence. Microsoft Office and two large open source standards:

  • The OASIS/ISO standard known as Open Document Format (ODF)
  • Chinese-developed Uniform Document Format (UOF)

There is a possibility that the Chinese-developed Uniform Document Format (UOF) and the OASIS/ISO standard known as Open Document Format (ODF) could merge sometime in the future, which could be a significant consolidation effort for open standards.

Popular Open Source Software

Here are five applications that have found popularity in government offices.  The following links take you to external sites for those applications (in alphabetical order):

  • Drupal - Some say it has the cleanest look and feel of the open source content management systems. Also has a great content manager for search engine results.
  • Openoffice.org - Interact and trade files with Microsoft Office users, but this isn't a Microsoft product. It's a full-fledge and powerful office suite.
  • OsCommerce - This Ecommerce Shopping application has all the major features expected in an expensive shopping cart application, including full search, product reviews, and bestseller lists.
  • PHPList - A management system for the coordination and distribution of opt-in email. Interact with thousands of recipients.
  • Wordpress - This application is one of the most widely used and supported blogging tool on the internet.

Latest Open Source News


This issue is closely related to Information technology governance because enterprise decision must be made before embarking on an open source path.

Related Research and Links

This page needs to be expanded. If you know about this technology area and how the government buys and uses this technology, please feel free to add to this page. Please make sure that all entries are free from political ideology and that your entries are factual and documented with external references.

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