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We strive for complete, accurate and well-documented details on all aspects of government IT. Please feel free to contribute to or update this site ‎

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IT Spending - All Industries
U.S. Federal IT - By Agency

Hot topics

President's Management Agenda
Line of Business Initiatives
Enterprise Architecture
CIO Councils
CORE.gov (component sharing)

IT Budgets

2007 IT Budget 2007

Supplemental Bills

Proposed 2008 IT Budget

By Technology

Networking Equipment

Development Tools
System & Network Management
Metadata Activities
Government Data
Service Oriented Architecture

IT Services
Software Development
System or Application Management
Solution Deployment
Business Process Management

IT Spending - All Industries

Computer Industry Spending     (All markets, not just Gov)

Gov IT Events

State & Local


Agriculture Department
Commerce Department
Education Department
Energy Department
Health and Human Services Department
Homeland Security Department
Housing and Urban Development Department
Interior Department
Justice Department
Labor Department
State Department
Agency for International Development
Transportation Department
Treasury Department
Veterans Affairs Department
Corps of Engineers
Environmental Protection Agency
General Services Administration
National Archives and Records Administration
National Science Foundation
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Office of Personnel Management
Small Business Administration
Smithsonian Institution
Social Security Administration

Defense Department
Department of the Navy (includes Marine Corps)
Air Force
Other DOD Components
DOD Contract Announcements

Other Government Agencies
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Intelligence Agencies

U.S. State-level Gov IT

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International Gov IT

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Government information technology news

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Federal Register notices.
Gov IT Best practices
Security Clearance
IT Security
Infrastructure Optimization
IT Training Materials
Public Health IT
Government IT Policy
IPv6 for Gov
DOD 8570.01
Open Source for Gov
System virtualization
Information Assurance
War on Terrorism
Section 508
Mobility & Wireless
Metadata Activities
Government Employees             (& salaries)
Green Computing (energy savings)
IT Compliance
Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act
Press Contacts Gov/Tech/Pubs
Vendor Press Releases

Major Contracts

Top Contracts - Popular GWACS

Gov Acquisition

Surplus: Computers for Learning

NAICS Codes - Public Sector NAICS Codes - Education

NAICS Codes - Health

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