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A major telecommunications contract awarded in late March, 2007 by the General Services Administration (GSA). It replaces the popular but waning FTS 2001 contract, and is expected to serve as the main contracting channel for agencies wishing to procure government networking and telecommunications services. While it is coordinated by GSA, other agencies are able to buy from the contract. Details can be found in this announcement: [GSA #10331]

Networx Universal is a multi-vendor contract and it was won by three major teams, led by AT&T, Qwest Government Services and Verizon Business Services. The agency did not accept a proposal by Sprint-Nextel.

Networx Enterprise, a companion contract that will offer a smaller range of telecommunications services, is expected to be awarded by GSA in May. The contract "ceiling" meaning the most that can be spent through these contracts, is set for $48.1 billion for Universal and $20.1 billion for Enterprise. It is unlikely that total spending over the life on these contracts will go that high. a more reasonable estimate, based on prior contract patterns, is about half of that.

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