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Metadata Activities

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Introduction to Metadata

Metadata, at a basic level, is "data about data." Metadata information may describe an individual data item or a collection of data items.


The Federal Data Reference Model

Part of the federal Enterprise Architecture initiative, the Data Reference Model describes three layers that should be used for all data produced, stored or transferred by government organizations.

  • Data Description - a method to describe data for discovery and sharing.
  • Data Context - for data discovery. taxonomies and directory listings.
  • Data Sharing - empowers data access and exchange across systems.

Interoperability Framework

The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) has issued a report called the NCOIC Interoperability Framework- Communications. It offers multiple details on how government agencies can share data.

GSA Metadata Research

  • General Services Administration has issued a request for information for semantic representation of knowledge. GSA is interested in exploring multiple types of metadata t help agencies share data across systems.

Records Management

The Federal Enterprise Architecture Records Management profile (FEARM), establishes a standard method for government records. Established by the National Archives and Records Administration and other agencies, it sets procedures for directing records management when approving new IT systems.

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