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Information Technology Overview

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Current Climate

Major Projects by Department - FY2009

Leading Projects at Justice - 2007
Consolidated Enterprise Infrastructure Integrated Wireless Network (IWN) FBI Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) DOJ Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) FBI Sentinel (and follow-on projects)

Top Spending Departments - 2007
General Administration Federal Bureau of Investigation Drug Enforcement Administration Legal Activities and US Marshals Federal Prison System

Leading Contract Winners at Justice
Computer Sciences Corp. - Services BAE Systems - Services Dell Computer Corp. - Products GTSI - Products Westwood Computer Corp. - Products

Major Projects
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently began a 6-year, $425 million program called Sentinel to replace and expand on both its failed Virtual Case File (VCF) project and its antiquated, paper-based, legacy system for supporting mission-critical intelligence analysis and investigative case management activities.

IT Budget History

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
2009 2010
$1,950 $2,118 $2,198 $2,469

$2,525 (Proposed)

$2,507 (finbal)

$2,617 (Proposed)

$2,428 (Enacted)

$2,669 (Proposed)

$2,956 (Enacted)



Numbers = $millions. (Data from the Office of Management and Budget)

Note on 2007 & 2008: Most civilian agencies other that the Homeland Security Department did not have a full budget approved since FY2006. A continuing resolution keep agency spending near 2006 levels.

Office of Justice Programs - Information Technology Initiatives

View a list of documents from the OJP - Information Technology Initiatives: Document Library


Federal Register - Justice

Latest Justice Department News



Related Links

Agency Profile

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Web site

To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. [1]

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[1} From the agency's mission statement.

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