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Human Resources Management

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Details on Human Resources Management - one of the presidential Line of Business Initiatives.

Managing Partner: Office of Personnel Management

Initiative Vision: Government-wide, modern, cost effective, standardized, and interoperable Human Resource (HR) solutions providing common core functionality to support the strategic management of Human Capital.

Initiative Goals:

  • Improve strategic management of human capital
  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Increase cost savings/avoidance
  • Improve customer service


The White House offers a Human Recources Management LoB Due Diligence Checklist in .pdf format.


In FY2004, the Administration asked agencies with the skills and capabilities to function as government-wide service providers in the area of Human Resources Management to submit business cases for doing so as part of the Fiscal Year 2006 budget process. The business cases were evaluated using a due diligence checklist developed in conjunction with third-party industry groups. This checklist assessed potential service providers’ abilities in several areas, including but not limited to past performance, current capabilities, and ability to operate a customer-focused organization. On the basis of the review, agencies were designated as eligible to enter into competitions to become cross-agency service providers. For more information on agencies selected, please see the President’s FY2006 Budget.

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