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How tech journalists can participate in the GovITwiki

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Reporters/journalits who write for government technology publications can participate in the GovITwiki as a way to share their stories and research. They also can share their contact details. (Only if desired).

We do ask that journalists limit themselves to government information technology coverage. This wiki is not an appropriate form for off-topic subjects.

One of the most powerful ways to use the wiki is to embed an RSS data feed of your articles into an articles page. That way you don't need to re-visit the GovITwiki to keep updating your article links. You can just update the RSS feed at your end.

Here's all you need to do to embed an RSS feed on your GovITwiki page, using the Wikitext option when editing.

Don't be afraid to promote yourself as an expert in your slice of the IT world. Use the Wiki to discuss what you cover within your beat. Help others learn more about what you analyze and how they can use your articles and research to solve their IT challenges. Encourage others to contact you via your "my talk" page.

Please don't just spam us with off-site links. We will remove links that are not appropriate. Use the RSS tools to embed your articles while keeping your content and participation dynamic.

How to Get Started

  1. Choose a user name and register here. In order to keep our content of the highest quality, you will need to verify your email address to edit pages. This process is automated. We don't keep the email addresses nor collect any personally identifiable information. After you create your user name, feel free to add details and a brief description on your personal user page (Just click on your name at the top of the page). How much you share here is totally up to you.
  2. Search for your own name or the name of your publicaton using our search box. The results will show you if and where the wiki mentions these words. The results page also gives you a chance to click on the search name and create a new page by that name. Click through and create your new page!
  3. On your new page you will see a text editing box. It starts with a WYSIWYG editor. But you cal click the Wikitext button to use a straight text editor instead. Our Editing Cheatsheet page tells you how to use both editors.
  4. Once you have created your page, look for places around GovITwiki where you can link to the page.
  5. On the front page, we have links to Hot Topics and links to Technology Areas. Drill down to find an appropriate category for your publication and articles. (You may need to create sub-level pages if your specific topic area isn't listed.)

That's it! thanks for participating. Please stay involved by creating other content too.

  • Look for links shown in red. These areas need more information. If you are familiar with one of these areas, feel free to click through and add this information, with documentation. You can also find things that you can write about on the Wanted Pages article.
  • Use the search box to search for a specific subject area related to government information technologies or specific agency IT projects. If the page has not yet been created, follow the create this page link and add new content. If the page does already exist, feel free to add additional information (documented).
  • Use Templates
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