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Grants Management

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Details on Grants Management - one of the presidential Line of Business Initiatives.

Managing Partners: National Science Foundation and Health and Human Services Department

Initiative Vision: A government-wide solution to support end-to-end grants management activities that promote citizen access, customer service, and agency financial and technical stewardship.

Initiative Goals:

  • Improve customer access and efficiency of submission process
  • Improve decision making
  • Integrate with Financial Management processes
  • Improve efficiency of reporting procedures in order to increase usable information content
  • Optimize post-award and closeout actions

Progress to Date

  • Defined implementation approach for consolidating grants management systems around “Consortia” service providers. Consortia service providers to cross service agencies according to grant type.
  • Developed a process for forming Consortia and agencies participating in consortia as members.

Next Steps

  • Designate Consortia service providers to begin solution planning and alignment for FY06
  • Work with partner agencies towards alignment for FY06

See also

  • Grants.gov - the U.S. Federal government's grants clearing house and main grants site.
  • PureEdge Viewer information (common way to submit grants applications).
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