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Government information technology news

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The following pages contain news on a variety of topics that are relevant to government and information technology.

From Change.gov - Presidential Transition News


Market Research

Federal Register

Security Issues

Federal CIO Council & Chief Acquisition Officers

Best Practices

IT Governance

Procurement News

Publications and Websites Focusing on Gov IT

Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Intelligence News

Treasury And Banking News


Government and technology research reports

Technology Specific

Office of Management and Budget

Government Accountability Office

General Services Administration

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Geographic Information Systems


Health Information

Justice Department

Energy Department

Government Publications

General technology news

Reseller Channel News

Software News

Internet and IPv6 News

Open Source News

General government/political News

Government (or Government-related) Jobs

General Law/Legal News

Trade Shows

State-specific Tech News

Europe Government Tech News

Asia Tech News

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