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Government Employees

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Government Employees and IT Issues: An Introduction

Where do government employees work?

Search for a Government Job

  • One of the quickest resources for finding a U.S. government job is to use the USAJOBS Job Search interface. It lets you search by location, job category or keyword, salary range and more.
  • The terms used in government job listings can be confusing. If you need clarification, be sure to visit the glossary of federal terms page on the same site.

The following links are not official government job sites. They contain a mix of government-related jobs, with a focus on government consulting.

Federal Salary Levels

Government employment and payrolls
The links below lead to U.S. Census Department surveys by job function and total payrolls, including details on part-time vs. full time employees. (Survey data was collected March, 2006.)

Current Situation

Last year state and local governments spent an average of 51% more per employee on benefits and compensation than private-sector employers did, or $39.50 per hour worked versus $26.09, according to the Employee Benefits Research Institute.

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