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Created initial front page links. At the moment this is an index-style list of links that take people deper into the site. We may want to re-think whether the index approach is the best solutions long term, but for now, it seems to work -- Sprocket

Built new pages for the links shown on the front page.

I fleshed out a few of them. We need to flesh out all of them before starting to expand the site. thanks for doing the initial index sprocket. For now, don't worry about whether it's the best solution for the front page. I think it works. So lets go with it for a while. ~ ExFed ~

Would Like to reorganize the Information Assurance areas

I would like to do a re-org of all of the Information Assurance information on here if everyone agrees. Some of the info is too much, i.e. posting the entire 8570 FAQ rather then summarizing it and posting the external link, also I think the entire IT Security page should be deleted, with all IT Security related information starting at the Information Assurance page. Having a good IA framework from the begining would be helpful in achiveing manageable expansion. OnebmfOnebmfOnebmf

--Agree with the re-work of the Info Assurance area. But would like to keep the seperate security area for now. (the masses tend to look for security info, rather than info assurance stuff). Cross linking between the two is wise. --sprocket

Ok, will do, Just to clarify, would you like to put more of a technical aspect to the IT security domain, and maintain more of a C&A/compliance flavor to the IA section? Areas of expantion can include the IA technical framework, Enterprise Architecture, Information Systems Security Engineering Information? All is public info Onebmf

I've found it useful to put the general (layman's) info at the top, then slowly get more technical as the pge goes on (or on jump pages) that way we serve both audiences. --Sprocket


Hi team, I started to categorize the Gov IT WIKI... JimG 17:01, 24 October 2007 (CDT)

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