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GovITwiki does not directly collect any personally identifiable information on visitors, other than what the visitors may choose to enter when they edit or contribute to these pages. Note that if you leave a comment or edit a page on this site without registering first, your contribution will include your numeric IP address. This entry will remain in our page edit history record.

NOTE: GovITwiki is not owned nor operated by any government office, nor does it receive any government funding at this time. It is a project of a group of people who have a good knowledge of how governments use information technology.

GovITwiki does not centrally collect nor resell any personal information or data from this site.

  • This policy covers how GovITwiki treats personal information related to a visitor's use of this site.
  • This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that GovITwiki does not own or control, or to people that GovITwiki may employ or manage.
  • GovITwiki does not condone fraudulent collection of personal information by third parties.

When you visit this site, GovITwiki automatically receives and records information from your browser within our server logs, including your IP address, visitor region, and the page that you request. Virtually every server that you visit on the Internet does this.

GovITwiki uses a cookie which allows you to register and enter information on these pages. It does not use cookies to track any personally identifiable information. However, in order to pay for the operational costs of this site, GovITwiki does accept limited advertising from some third-party ad providers. The ads which load on our pages from our ad affiliates may sometimes include cookies. GovITwiki does not collect any personally identifiable information from these ad cookies.

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