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Be aware that the GovITwiki is an ongoing development project to which anybody can contribute. It differs from a paper-based reference source in some very important ways. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any given entry at any given time. In particular, older articles tend to be more comprehensive and balanced, while newer articles may still contain significant misinformation, improper or biased reference content, or even vandalism. Users need to be aware of this in order to obtain valid information and avoid misinformation which has been recently added and not yet detected and removed. The GovITwiki is a valueable reference tool but it should not be your only reference tool when making important business decisions, or when quoting facts for an on-the-record report.

The advantage of this reference site, unlike paper-based reference works or static Web sites is its sense of immediacy, and the face that it can grow as needed in new ways. The GovITwiki can be constantly updated, with articles on topical events. Details can be added within minutes or hours, providing for a near real-time reference site. Just be aware that the entries may need (and probably will) be edited and changed at a later time.

In every GovITwiki article, you will find links to associated articles. You can also navigate via this site’s front page . Visitors who wish to help with the editing of the GovITwiki, or who wish to draw attention to a specific government IT project, program, or technology, are welcome to add further information, cross-references, or citations, so long as you do so within the GovITwiki’s editing policies.

If you see copyrighted material that should not be here. please notify us immediately at Image:Xlink.gif. We will attempt to remove it within 48 hours.

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