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Feb: 2009  -  Initiating broad agency-by-agency update with fiscal year 2009 budget numbers for major IT projects.

The additions have been very useful and factual. A few thoughts as we move forward:

  • We need to provide more documentation for entries. Whenever you can quote a specific document or provide a footnote, it makes all the information here more accurate and trustworthy.
  • If you are willing to "adopt" a section, please let us know. It would be great to have content experts in various fields monitoring specific pages to make sure that inaccurate or inappropriate content isn't slipping in.
  • Community involvement is key to a successful wiki. We are well underway!




The GovITwiki was started over the summer of 2007 as a place for a small group of people to organize information related to government technology. The user base, and content, slowly grew. The user base spiked significantly in October, 2007, and a decision was made to officially launch the site.

The Site was started by Sprocket. Bob Thompson was recruited to be the acting site director and spokesperson. (See their details below.)


Our contact email is: Image:Xlink.gif

Our Phone number is 202-413-5888.

Our mailing address is:

The GovITwiki
c/o Stephens Associates
One Church Street
Suite 801
Rockville, MD 20850

"Most Wanted" pages

Our list of wanted pages shows some of the areas where we most need to collect relevant information. Most of these pages are for companies, publications, or broad topics. If you create a topic page, please be prepared to populate the page with links to the appropriate content which is already on the GovITwiki site.

Main Contributors So Far

Here's a full list of registered members and contributors.

Below is a list of some of our more active users.

Sprocket - Founder of GovITwiki. Continues to be involved in the day-to-day operation

BobT - Bob Thompson, former fed IT guy. Ex-fed who now works as a contractor. Recently took over as the acting director and spokesperson for the site.

Onebmf - Works for a government IT contractor, practitioner of Information Assurance, and IT Security

ExFed - Former manager of government IT systems

Write-of-Way - Journalist at a computer magazine

Beans - Mysterious character who seems to know a lot about government procurement

DODsnafu - Works across the river. If I told you any more, well, you know...

Other Contributors

wikiexpert‎ WikiSysop - Installed this place and fixes the problems

Irongiant- if you have a lot of content to put on your wiki, you need the iron giant!

Holmes - Some guy who stopped bye

CONTRIBUTORS: If you added anything to this GovITwiki site, please say hello and leave us a note on the discussion page (see Tab above).

Who Can Contribute?

The GovITwiki wants you! Working together, government employees, contractors, technology journalists, industry analysts and more can build a powerful government IT encyclopedia and interactive community. You can edit and create articles on GovITwiki right now.

Learn how to contribute by reading this Tutorial. For a quick start, this Editing Cheatsheet introduced the basics of creating or editing a GovITwiki article.

Things You Can Do

  • Don't be afraid to blow your own horn. If you have an interesting Government Information technology project, make sure that it is represented here. In most cases you can just branch off of an existing catagory.
  • Help us copyedit: Many of the articles need improvement, this can range from addint detail to correcting spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Categorize: (Very important) make sure articles are associated with the correct categories. This makes it much easier for visitors and researchers to browse the wiki and find relevant information.
  • Wikify across the encyclopedia: Articles sometimes can be improved by adding links to other articles on a similar topic. This allows people to navigate more easily while building richer content for all.
  • Update: Update articles to reflect the current situation in the government. If you know that a contract has changed, a standard has been updated, or a new person is in charge of a project, please bring appropriate articles and references up to date.
  • Merge or disambiguate: Help combine articles that cover the same topic, or create disambiguation lists (with pointers) when you find terms that could have more than one meaning.
  • Requests: Is there a link that ends in a blank article? Go on, write a piece for it. Is there something that you think is missing? Feel free to add it, or mention it here and maybe someone else will help create the article/reference entry. Visited our Wanted Pages section to see a list of topics that our visitors have told us they'd like to see. Special:Wantedpages.
  • Borrow from government sources: It's okay to re-post government announcement and most documents. But please take the time to learn the document's copyright rules before posting it here. If you do report government information, please include a reference comment and a link to the original source.
  • Look for the red links: These are topics that we'd like to include, but no one has yet created a page for them. Can you provide information for any of these?

See what people are Searching for on GovITwiki.com

NEW: Visit the Buzz page to see what people are searching for on this site. It's a great way to keep tabs on what people want to know.

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