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The Basics

GovITwiki (AKA the Gov IT Wiki and the Government IT Wiki) is a Web-based reference site and documentation project that is attempting to define and organize the broad range of information technology programs that can be found today within all levels of the U.S. government. The GovITwiki is written collaboratively by a combination of dedicated staffers and volunteers from around the country, and in some cases from around the globe.

NOTE: GovITwiki is not owned nor operated by any government office, nor does it receive any government funding. It is a project of a group of people who have a good knowledge of how governments use information technology.

The Contact Info

Our contact email is: Image:Xlink.gif
Our mailing address is:
The GovITwiki
c/o Stephens Associates

One Church Street
Suite 801
Rockville, MD 20850

The Background

Development for this site started in March, 2007, with it's official launch in October, 2007. It is our goal that the site will continue to grow and flourish for several years, becoming an indispensable reference tool for anyone who wants to understand the use of information technology for all levels of government within the United States (Federal, Defense Department, State & Local).

Major information updates were made to the site through 2008, 2009 and 2010. In April, 2011, we changed the sign-up procedure for accounts. those who wish to eid tand participate in the wiki will need to send us an email to request an account.

The Way Things Work

Most articles found here can be edited by anyone who has access to the Internet. However, the GovITwiki staff reserves the right to restrict the editing of any or all pages on this site. An associated goal is to keep GovITwiki free from partisan politics, and focused on factual issues related to the management of government IT systems. We also strive for factual accuracy for all entries. Thus, when making an addition or change to this Wiki, we do ask that participants provide documentation for their changes by citing specific government sources or by providing external links to such documentation. To edit any page, just look for the “edit this page” link.

The Disclaimer

Be aware that the GovITwiki is an ongoing development project to which anybody can contribute. It differs from a paper-based reference source in some very important ways. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any given entry at any given time. In particular, older articles tend to be more comprehensive and balanced, while newer articles may still contain significant misinformation, improper or biased reference content, or even vandalism. Users need to be aware of this in order to obtain valid information and avoid misinformation which has been recently added and not yet detected and removed. The GovITwiki is a valueable reference tool but it should not be your only reference tool when making important business decisions, or when quoting facts for an on-the-record report.

The advantage of this reference site, unlike paper-based reference works or static Web sites is its sense of immediacy, and the face that it can grow as needed in new ways. The GovITwiki can be constantly updated, with articles on topical events. Details can be added within minutes or hours, providing for a near real-time reference site. Just be aware that the entries may need (and probably will) be edited and changed at a later time.

In every GovITwiki article, you will find links to associated articles. You can also navigate via this site’s front page . Visitors who wish to help with the editing of the GovITwiki, or who wish to draw attention to a specific government IT project, program, or technology, are welcome to add further information, cross-references, or citations, so long as you do so within the GovITwiki’s editing policies. These are outlined below.

The Rules

  • Do not re-post text, graphics, or information from other copyrighted sources, without the express permission of the copyright owner. Such permission should be included at the bottom of the posting, with wording such as Reprinted here with the permission of [owners name].
  • If you are the owner of a copyrighted work and you find it posted here and you want it removed, you may take the following action.
    • remove the material yourself, with a note stating why it was removed
    • send us a note at Image:Xlink.gif‎ and we will remove it.
  • If you see classified government material of any type posted on this site, notify us immediately at Image:Xlink.gif‎ and we will remove it. You may also use this email address for all other contact.

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