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SmartBUY is a federal government procurement vehicle designed to promote effective enterprise level software management. By leveraging the government's immense buying power, SmartBUY can potentially save taxpayers millions of dollars through governmentwide aggregate buying of Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software products. Besides providing reduced prices and more favorable terms/conditions, the SmartBUY program assists agencies to achieve greater standardization, improved configuration management, and more robust IT security.[1]



SmartBUY officially began June 2, 2003, with the issuance of OMB Memo (M-03-14), Reducing Cost and Improving Quality in Federal Purchases of Commercial Software . GSA's own SmartBUY Governance Model (MS Word document) provides the framework for program operations.


There are a wide range of existing agreements that can be viewed directly from the GSA GSA Smartbuy Web page

How it Works for Vendors

SmartBUY establishes strategic enterprise agreements with software publishers (or resellers) via Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs). Software publishers/resellers interested in becoming a SmartBUY BPA holder need to meet the general criteria found on a Vendor Partnerships page listed on the SmartBuy site. Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) Notices are issued to publicize to the federal contracting community SmartBUY's intent to pursue BPAs in a specific software market category.


[1] Details for the first few paragraphs on this page come directly from the GSA Smartbuy Web page

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