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Image:GF_logo.JPG Government Futures: Shaping a better future:

What is the role of government?
Critical national needs are going unmet because of failures in government processes and systems. Where is the line between government's responsibility and the private sector's role? How do we get things done so all parties benefit? Government Futures is led by Bruce McConnell, who served three US presidents at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) where he led the government’s information technology policy organization.

Image:wikiexpert.jpg wikiexpert.com

With the focus on you as the customer and your business need, Wikiexpert.com is a communications management consulting firm with demonstrated expertise analyzing, recommending, managing, implementing and supporting web-based Knowledge Systems. We specialize in structured or unstructured migrations from legacy document formats or legacy wikis/knowledgebase to the platform of your choice! Our clients include small business and Fortune 500 companies.

Image:Jpa.jpgJB&A, Inc.

(James Benvenuto & Associates, Inc.)

A Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned small business that provides financial planning, programming, and operational and management support to the Federal Government.

Image:California_eServices.GIF State of California eServices Office The eServices Office coordinates with State agencies, departments, boards, and commissions to develop web sites and applications. The office also works with State agencies to identify services that when web-enabled, can provide maximum benefit to agencies and their customers. (Helping GovITwiki test some new state-level pages that limit editing by domain name.)

Image:Lead_net_world.GIF Leadership for a Networked World

The LNW Program, located at the John F. Kennedy School of government, Harvard university, taps into the diverse knowledge and talent of the Harvard community to offer uniquely compelling executive education programs, research efforts, teaching cases, and publications. Current efforts are focused on the “cross-boundary” challenge of transformations operating across traditional organizational boundaries, such as departments, jurisdictions, branches of government, sectors of the economy, and national borders.


FedScoop is a full-service government media and marketing company, specializing in government IT news, new media advertising and custom turn-key strategic networking events.

FedScoop.com is the Government IT community’s most comprehensive, one-stop news source reaching notable influencers and voices in the community. FedScoop.com is the only independent aggregator of the most trusted and popular web sites that Government IT executives visit daily, to stay abreast of trends, best practices, business opportunities and news.

In addition to FedScoop.com, FedScoop delivers the popular “Weekly Scoop”, a must-have weekly email featuring exclusive articles from key government leaders, and summarizing the week’s most relevant news. The Weekly Scoop currently has over 15,000 subscribers, including most Federal CIOs, CTOs, Procurement Executives and Program Managers.

GovLoop Logo GovLoop.com

GovLoop was founded in 2008 to provide a social network for the government community to connect and share information. The site is open to all members of the government community. GovLoop desires to recruit government employees from federal, state, and local government. It also welcomes students and individuals interested in government service plus government contractors.


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