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Federal Health Architecture

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Details on Federal Health Management - one of the presidential Line of Business Initiatives.

Managing Partner: Health and Human Services Department

Initiative Vision: A Federal Health IT environment that is interoperable with the private sector and supports the President’s Health IT plan enabling better care, increased efficiency, and improved population health.

Initiative Goals:
FHA’s three main goals for supporting the President’s health IT plan are input, implementation and accountability.

  • Goal: Input into the Process - Federal Expertise and Experience - Federal expertise and experience supports the President’s health IT plan through participation, coordination, and the leveraging of federal systems investments.

Example: Comment and Review Groups - FHA coordinates input of federal agencies to review standards recommendations produced through the HITSP process or review of functional requirements for nationwide health information networks.

  • Goal: Implementation within the Federal Government - Guidance and Assistance with Implementation Plans - The President’s health IT plan is implemented in the federal agencies, in alignment with the Federal Enterprise Architecture, through adoption of standards, certified applications and the protection of patient privacy.

Example: Implementation Guidance - FHA will provide guidance to federal agencies for developing standards adoption plans for HITSP-endorsed standards in support of AHIC recommendations.

  • Goal: Measure Accountability - Effective Use of Health IT - Federal agencies coordinate effective capital planning activities, and invest in and implement interoperable health IT.

Example: OMB Health IT Survey - FHA collaborates with OMB to survey federal agencies in order to baseline the current state of interoperability as well as identify future near-term opportunities to advance health IT.

Technical Information

The Federal Health Architecture site outlines the following:

  • Leveraging federal expertise in creating a federal framework that would be derived from a national health IT infrastructure.
  • Supporting federal activities in the development and adoption of health IT standards.
  • Ensuring that federal agencies can seamlessly exchange health data between and among themselves, with state, local and tribal governments, and with private sector healthcare organizations.

The FHA is managed within the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) at HHS and is driven by the President's health IT plan, which calls for the widespread use of interoperable electronic health records (EHRs) by 2014.

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