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Federal CIO Council

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Requiring each federal agency to appoint a chief information officer in 1996 was a way to encourage the agencies to take a centralized, coordinated approach to their information technology management. In turn, the Federal Chief Information Officer's Council was formed (see history below) as a way to encourage cross-agency coordination and standardization of efforts. The federal CIO Council serves as a focal point for coordinating challenges that cross agency boundaries. The CIO Council operational committees, through subcommittees and working groups, meet these challenges by producing the work products of the CIO Council, many of which can be found on this web site. The CIO Council's Year 2000 Strategic Plan lists the following six committees: Capital Planning and IT Management; Federal IT Workforce; Security, Privacy and Critical Infrastructure; Enterprise Interoperability and Emerging IT; Outreach; and Year 2000. The Year 2000 Committee has been sunsetted and a new committee, E-Gov, was formed out of the GITS (Government Information Technology Services) Board. An additional committee, the executive committee, is made up of the chairs of the operational committees and supports Council operations and the management of budget and cross-committee initiatives.

In addition, the CIO Council in partnership with other federal executive councils addresses challenges that cut across disciplines, such as financial management and procurement.

History of the Federal CIO Council

The Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council was established by Executive Order 13011, Federal Information Technology, on July 16, 1996, now revoked. The CIO Council's existence was codified into law by Congress in the E-Government Act of 2002. The CIO Council serves as the principal interagency forum for improving practices in the design, modernization, use, sharing, and performance of Federal Government agency information resources. The Council's role includes developing recommendations for information technology management policies, procedures, and standards; identifying opportunities to share information resources; and assessing and addressing the needs of the Federal Government's IT workforce. The Chair of the CIO Council is the Deputy Director for Management for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Vice Chair is elected by the CIO Council from its membership. Membership on the Council is comprised of CIOs and Deputy CIOs from the main agencies of the U.S. federal government.

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