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Enterprise Architecture

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Introduction to the FEA

Government agencies traditionally seek to improve their mission performance. Developing an enterprise architecture is a management practice that seeks to maximize the contribution of an agency’s resources to achieve its mission, often through standardization of technologies, including systems and software components. The FEA Program Management Office (PMO) has stated that "Architecture can establish a clear line of sight from investments to measurable performance improvements."

The FEA PMO has developed Practice Guidance to describe important concepts architects can use with stakeholders to improve EA and hopefully deliver value to an agency's business process and mission. A guidance document can help an agency's system architects to :

  • Describing the current and future state of the agency and its segments;
  • Defining the desired results for each segment;
  • Determining what resources are used for an agency’s core mission areas and

common or shared services;

  • Leveraging resources across the agency; and
  • Developing a transition strategy to achieve the desired results.


History of the Federal Enterprise Architecture

On February 6, 2002 the development of a Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) commenced. Led by OMB, the purpose of this effort is to identify opportunities to simplify processes and unify work across the agencies and within the lines of business of the Federal government. The outcome of this effort will be a more citizen-centered, customer-focused government that maximizes technology investments to better achieve mission outcomes.

Current Situation

Update and Enforcement Methods

Outlook For The Future

Advice for This Government Market Space

Related research

Management Profile

U.S. Office of Management & Budget
Federal Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office

(202) 395-0342 (FEA PMO)

Web site

FEA is entirely business-driven. Its foundation is the Business Reference Model, which describes the government’s Lines of Business and its services. This business-based foundation provides a common framework for improvement in a variety of key areas such as:

  • Budget Allocation
  • Information Sharing
  • Performance Measurement
  • Budget / Performance Integration
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration
  • E-Government
  • Component-Based Architectures

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[1] From the USDA mission statement.

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