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Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

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http://www.gwg.nga.mil/documents/DISR%20Overview.ppt#742,6,Technology Profiles

Department of Defense Information Technology Standards Registry (DISR)

• Replaces the Joint Technical Architecture (JTA) and is updated three times a year – New process that program managers are directed to use to build Technical Views (TVs) – Mandates minimum set of IT standards and guidelines for the acquisition of all DoD systems that produce, use or exchange information • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is the executive agent for the DISR.

Standards: From Idea to DISR

Published Standards and Technical Specifications are selected in the GWG and then standards are stated to the ISWG Mission Area Managers in the flow: GWG -> ISWG (Mission Area Managers) -> ITSC -> ISOP (Approved)-> DIRSR (DISR Standards Selection Process). Image:DISR.jpg

Definition of DISRonline

DISRonline is the Online Tool Serving as a Repository of Information Related to DoD IT and NSS Standards. – DISR (the Registry of Prescribed Standards) – DoD CIO-Prescribed Standards Profiles Mandated for Use Across DoD (e.g., IPv6, GIG KIPs) – Non-Mandated Reference Information Provided for Use by the Acquisition Community • Emerging Standards • Inactive / Retired Standards • Mission Area and Domain Standards Profiles • Technology Standards Profiles • Program System Profiles (Technical Standards View, or TV) • Interfaces to Analysis Tools and Related Repositories (e.g., DARS, JCPAT-E) • Software to Assist in Building Standards Profiles

Definitions of Standards Profiles • Technology Standards Profile – Block Profiles of Standards for a Major Technology Area – Examples: IPv6, PKI, GIG-BE, KIPs • System Profiles – Technical Standards View (TV) per JCIDS Process • Mission Area / Domain Profiles – Mandated Standards Associated with Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) Portfolio Management Mission Areas and Domains – To Promote Net-Centricity.

GWG on DISRonline • To access the GWG page • Standards Mgmt Working Groups • DoD Intelligence Geospatial Intelligence • Geospatial Intelligence (GWG) content: • Meeting info – agendas, minutes, briefings • GWG Charter & SOP • GWG Member roster

GWG SECRETARIAT • GWG Secretariat NCGIS-Mail@nga.mil • Assistance in joining GWG • Connection to Focus Group Chairs • Coordination of GWG meeting schedules and briefings

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