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EAGLE is a procurement contract coordinated through the Homeland Security Department. It stands for Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions (EAGLE). The agreement serves as a department-wide platform for acquiring IT service solutions, with a focus on five functional categories.

  • FC1 – Engineering Design, Development, Implementation and Integration
  • FC2 – Operations and Maintenance
  • FC3 – Independent Test, Evaluation, Validation and Verification
  • FC4 – Software Development
  • FC5 – Management Support Services

What orders are coming up through Eagle?

The following link is a great resource for contractors. It's called the DHS Forecast - ***New Opportunities for EAGLE.*** Essentially it shows a range or orders that are being staged, and that are expected to be released soon through the EAGLE.

There are 25 major IT contractors on the list, and multiple smaller contractors.

Note, many contractors listed on the EAGLE agreement have their own Web pages that are set up as gateways into the products that they offer on the contract. But to see the full range of contractors available via the agreement, visit the links below.

Eagle Links at GHS

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