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The Center for Digital Government helps private sector companies find and win state and local government business.

State and local governments have a strong need for information, knowledge, and advice on how to make better decisions, increase revenues, reduce costs, and open the doors for new opportunities and innovation to serve citizens. For over 10 years, the Center for Digital Government experts have worked closely with technology companies to help them develop successful plans and strategies for doing business in the state and local government market.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and dedication. Our qualified staff and senior fellow network comprises the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the industry. Put this knowledge and expertise to work in your company.


Digital Government Navigator''''''
Government IT bid service with pre-RFPs, RFPs, and bids for state and local government along with insider blogs, contact data, and more.

Market Research
What technology do your customers already own? What will they most likely purchase over the next one to three years? What IT spending trends will affect your company's offerings and how soon? The Center's research experts will answer all these questions and more.

Strategic White Papers and Reports
White papers and reports build credibility and awareness with the decision makers that you're trying to reach.

Surveys and Awards
The Center's surveys and awards are major benchmarks for entities across the country. Sponsors of our surveys and awards receive maximum exposure and networking opportunities.

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