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An Introduction to CIO Councils

In the mid 1990s, the U.S. Federal Government required each federal agency to appoint a chief information officer to deal with technology issues in that agency. As these CIOs took office, the Federal CIO Council was then created as a way for those IT leaders to connect and interact. Many states and several larger municipalities have since followed the federal government's lead, appointing their own chief information officers for the agencies within their state governments, and some have formed state or regional CIO councils to help these leaders interact and make decisions on best practices and ways to refine the architecture for government information.

In some cases chief technical officers (CTOs) are appointed instead of CIOs. These officers tend to have broader duties, with responsibilities that may extend beyond the scope of just information technology. In other cases, the term CIO or CTO may not part of a formal title, but most agencies still have a key leader in charge of making information technology decisions.

United States


Current Situation

General Services Administration
Since 2004, GSA's Center for Intergovernmental Solutions has provided incubator "wiki" space for Intergovernmental Communities learning to how to collaborate. See Networking Among Communities of Practice and the Collaborative Expedition Workshops.

Defense Department
The DOD CIO Council was established in the mid 1990s as the principal DOD forum to advise the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense on the full range of matters pertaining to information technology. To get a better understanding of the goals set out for the Defense Department CIO Council, read its [charter http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/Docs/ciochart.pdf].

Local Governments

News Relating to Federal CIOs and Acquisition

CIO Skills and Education

The GovITwiki CIO Skills and Education section has an extensive set of resources for current CIOs and those who want to learn and train to know what a CIO needs in order to be successful. Participating contributors include representatives from the Harvard Kennedy School.

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