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Army Small Computer Program

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The Army Small Computer Program (ASCP) is, or rather was, the Army's central purchasing resource for Information Technology (IT) products and services.

See name change link below for how ASCP has morphed - though many people still refer to the program as ASCP.

As ASCP, the program included an extensive web site that designed to help visitors obtain information and place orders for farious types of computers. The program included (and still includes) multiple information technology contracts and blanket purchase agreements for notebook computers desktop computers, servers, printers and specific enterprise agreements and services.

NOTE: This office has taken on a larger mission and is now called the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) office.

Army Regulation 25-1, section 6–2 a. states "The Army Small Computer Program Office (ASCPO) is the primary office for establishing commercial IT contracts."


ASCP was aligned under the Program Executive Officer, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS), with a mission is to support all Army customers' commercial IT requirements - "quickly and economically."[1]

The organization continues to work with Army posts, camps and stations around the world, and has become the Army's top source for Information Technology - including hardware, software, and support services.

The organization's Web site says: "ASCP's years of experience conducting market research, negotiation, and continuous contract refresh pays off in the dollar savings and added value they provide the Army community year after year. ASCP has been designated by the Army Secretary as the Army's primary source for commercial IT, a task we don't take lightly."

The ASCP managers conduct interviews with customers on a worldwide basis to project future requirements, and this helps them negotiate new purchase agreements with vendors.

More details, including an online shopping cart for registered users, can be found at the ASCP Web site and eMart.


[1] From the ASCAP About us web page.

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