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Information Technology Overview


IT Budget History

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
$6,495 $5,658 $8,683 $9,972 $6,701 $7,716 $9,380 $8,010 $10,098 $9,757 $9,185 $9,275

Numbers = $millions. (Data from the Office of Management and Budget)

Current Climate

Army Information Technology Projects for Fiscal Year 2009

GovITwiki tracks IT budget numbers for each of these projects. Ask us about custom government IT research - service@govitwiki.com, or call 202-413-5888.

  • Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
  • Future Business System
  • Future Combat Systems-Advanced Collaborative Environment
  • General Fund Enterprise Business System
  • Global Combat Support System - Army
  • Global Command and Control System - Army
  • Guardnet XXI, The Army National Guard's Wide Area Network
  • Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program
  • Joint Precision Approach and Landing System
  • JTRS - Airborne, Maritime and Fixed Radios
  • JTRS - Ground Mobile Radios
  • JTRS - Handheld, Manpack, and Small Form Fit Radios
  • JTRS - Network Enterprise Domain
  • Knowledge Management
  • Logistics Modernization Program
  • Maneuver Control System
  • Mounted Battle Command on the Move Program
  • Net-Enabled Command Capability
  • Standard Procurement System
  • Transportation Coordinators' Automated Information for Movements System II
  • US MEPCOM Integrated Resource System
  • Warfighter Information Network-Tactical
  • Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
  • Base Level Communication Infrastructure
  • Multifunctional Information Distribution System
  • Joint Network Management System
  • National Air Space System
  • Public Key Infrastructure - Infrastructure
  • Protect Information - Cryptographic Modernization
  • Protect Information
  • Defend Systems & Networks - Computer Network Defense
  • Situational Awareness/C2 - Computer Emergency Response Teams
  • Create IA-Empowered Workforce - Training
  • PPBE Business Intelligence Data Warehouse
  • PPBE Business Operating System
  • Army Food Management Information System
  • Logistics Post Production Software Support
  • National Maintenance Management
  • Exchange Pricing
  • Industrial Base Modernization
  • Industrial Base Modernization Automated Identification Technology Software
  • Industrial Base Modernization Manufacturing Execution System
  • Emerging Logistics Technologies
  • Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker
  • Logistics Support Systems
  • U.S. Army Human Resources Command Core Automation Support
  • Integrated Work Station Intranet Knowledge Center
  • Enterprise-Army Workforce Performance System
  • Defense Civilian Personnel Data System-Sustainment
  • Housing Operations Management System
  • Installation Support Module
  • Army Environmental Database
  • Environmental Performance Assessment System
  • Environmental Restoration Information System
  • Defense Environmental Network and Information Exchange
  • Knowledge Based Corporate Reporting System
  • Army-Wide Publishing
  • Visual Information Training Support Centers
  • Army Portfolio Management Solution
  • Geographic Information System - Repository
  • Planning Resource for Infrastructure Development and Evaluation
  • Army Records Management Program
  • Legal Automation Army-Wide System
  • Network Enterprise Technology Command
  • Installation Management Activity
  • Land Information Warfare Activity
  • Army Training Requirements and Resources System
  • Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System
  • Force Management System
  • Keystone
  • Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
  • Distributed Learning System
  • DoD Teleport Automated Orders and Resource System
  • Integrated Work Station 2XCitizen Web Site
  • Soldier Management System Webified Suite of Systems
  • Army Selection Board System
  • GoArmyEd
  • Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System
  • Total Officer Personnel Management Information System II
  • Army Criminal Investigation/Criminal Intelligence
  • Integrated Total Army Personnel Database
  • Wounded Warrior Accountability System
  • Electronic Military Personnel System
  • Centralized Operations Police Suite
  • ZIP Code/Grid Locator Code System
  • USAEUR Personnel Database
  • Active Federal Service
  • Active Guard Reserve Management Information System/CALVIN
  • Unit Identification Code
  • Troop Program Unit Management
  • Active Guard and Reserve Management Information System
  • Tactical Personnel System
  • Total Officer Personnel Transaction Update System
  • Accession Management Information System
  • Analyst Project Assist System - Enhanced
  • Total Army Personnel Data Base - Reserve
  • Total Army Personnel Database - Army National Guard
  • Total Army Personnel Database - Active Officer
  • Army Reserve Acquisition Corps Management Information System
  • Total Army Personnel Database - Active Enlisted
  • Transition Assistance Management System
  • Army Reserve Personnel Information Middleware System
  • The Army Authorization Documentation System-Reserve
  • Soldier Query
  • Army Reserve Transaction Management System
  • Enlisted Promotion Model
  • Evaluation Reports System
  • Inter-Component Data Transfer
  • Standard Installation/Division Personnel System - Army National Guard
  • Senior Enlisted Promotions Model
  • Mailbox Information System
  • Reserve Screening Data Quality System
  • Reserve Statistics and Accounting System/Reserve Component Common Personnel Data System
  • Montgomery GI Bill
  • Reserve Recruiting System
  • Retirement Points Accounting System
  • Replacement Operations Automation Management System
  • Regional Level Application Software
  • RDMS Interface Control System
  • Reserve Database Maintenance System
  • MILPERCEN Master Organization File
  • Mobilization Personnel Processing System
  • Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) Evaluation Report Support System
  • Single Evaluation Processing System
  • Officer Selection Support System
  • PERSCOM Enlisted Personnel Data Update System
  • Personnel Records Management System
  • Qualitative Management Program-Client Server
  • Active Guard and Reserve Management Information System-Interface
  • Total Officer Personnel Management Information System
  • Deployed Theater Accountability System
  • US Army Accessions Command Integrated Automation Architecture
  • Defense Casualty Information Processing System
  • Reserve Component Automation System
  • Acquisition Information Management
  • Paperless Contracting
  • Acquistion Logistics & Technology Enterprise Systems & Services
  • Virtual Insight
  • Science & Technology Enterprise Management
  • ATEC Versatile Information System Integrated Online-Nationwide Digital Library
  • Army Contracting Business Intelligence System
  • Distributive Training Technology
  • Army Distance Learning - Supporting
  • Visual Information Support
  • Headquarters Command and Control Planning System
  • Army Wide Information System Service Support
  • Military Construction Army Information Management Installation
  • Information Technology Agency
  • Technical Support of Information Systems Engineering Missions
  • Inspector General Worldwide Network
  • Common Software
  • Army Audit Agency Information Management Activities
  • Army Management Headquarters Information Management
  • DCSIM/DOIM Staff Operations Costs
  • Pentagon Renovation-Information Management & Telecommunications
  • Personnel Enterprise Support-Automation
  • High Performance Computing
  • United States Military Academy Automation
  • Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
  • Spectrum Management (Army)
  • National Science Center Info Tech Ventures
  • Army Enterprise Architecture
  • Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability
  • Close Combat Tactical Trainer
  • Defense Message Service - Army
  • Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System
  • COTS Tactical Radios
  • Aviation Tactical Communication Systems
  • Battle Command Sustainment Support System
  • Combat Terrain Information System
  • Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control System
  • Integrated Meteorological System
  • Army Tactical Command and Control System Engineering and Integration
  • Battlefield Combat Identification System
  • Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
  • Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
  • Combat Survivor Evader Locator
  • Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical-Terminal
  • Strategic Command and Control Facilities
  • Army Nuclear Technology Control
  • All Source Analysis System
  • Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Information Management Systems
  • Personnel Transformation
  • Retiree Volunteer Preassignment System
  • Scientific & Engineering Research & Development
  • Navigational, Satellite, Timing, and Relay Global Positioning System
  • Combat Service Support Satellite Communications
  • ADP Services from DISA
  • Army Airborne Command and Control System
  • Common Hardware System
  • Tactical Operations Centers
  • Centralized Technical Support Facility
  • Integrated System Control, V4
  • Area Common User System Modernization
  • Joint Communications Support Element
  • Lightweight Forward Entry Device
  • Lightweight Technical Fire Direction System
  • Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement
  • Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care
  • Army Concept Development Experimentation Plan
  • TRADOC Institutional Army Battle Command System Training Base
  • Army Reserve Network
  • Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System/Joint Tactical Terminal
  • Soldier Modernization
  • Battlefield Communications Review
  • Communications Network and Systems Management
  • Leased Telecommunications (Non-System Specific)
  • Army Logistics Transformation
  • Combat Service Support Automated Information System Interface
  • Joint - Automated Identification Technology
  • Tactical Logistics Data Digitization
  • Movement Tracking System
  • Protect Information - Biometrics
  • Transform & Enable IA Capabilities



Leading Projects at the Army - 2007
Tactical Data Link System
Combat Information Transport System
Base Level Communications Communications Infrastructure
Protect Information - Cryptographic Modernization
Air and Space Operations Center - Weapon System

Top Spending Departments - 2007
Personnel Systems
Theater Operations
Financial Management

Leading Contract Winners at Army
Itt Industries
Northrop Grumman Corp.
Science Applications International Corp
Lockheed Martin Corp
Caci International Inc.
Mantech International Corp

Army News

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Agency Profile

U.S. Army Headquarters
1500 Army Pentagon
Washington, DC, 20310-1500

Web site

The Army exists to serve the American people, to defend the Nation, to protect vital national interests, and to fulfill national military responsibilities. Our mission is enduring: to provide necessary forces and capabilities to the Combatant Commanders in support of the National Security and Defense Strategies. The Army recruits, organizes, trains, and equips Soldiers who, as vital members of their units and the Joint Team, conduct prompt, sustained combat and stability operations on land. The Army is also charged with providing logistics and support to enable the other Services to accomplish their missions, and supporting civil authorities in time of emergency, when directed. [1]

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[1] From the Army statement outlining its core mission.

External Links

Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) - This is an Army system designed to make it easier for forward-deployed medical units to inventory and order medical supplies. It was developed by the developed by the Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Center

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