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The agreement known as Applications 'n Support for Widely-Diverse End User Requirements (ANSWER) is an information technology (IT) services procurement vehicle that offers the following features to all federal government agencies:[1]

  • Comprehensive scope covering all facets of Information Technology;
  • Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC);
  • Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract;
  • 10 world class contractors with unlimited subcontractor support;
  • $25 billion maximum ceiling value;
  • Worldwide geographical reach;
  • Dual levels of competition;
  • Non-protestable task orders; and
  • Streamlined Acquisition.

The set of agreements provide a wide range of solutions such as telemedicine, war gaming, agriculture, homeland security, nuclear energy, and social security systems.

Managers of the ANSWER contract promise to continuously update their technology offerings with a technical refreshment provision.

The ANSWER GWAC includes seven geographical rate areas with ceiling prices reflecting these various locations; 40 hours of training for every contractor full-time equivalent; and one group manager for every 35 contractor employees.

See the link to the ANSWER site in the Notes area below.


[1]From the ANSWER Web page hosted by the General Services Administration

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