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2007 IT Budget

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Details on the Initial 2007 IT budget in Government

2007 IT Spending by Agency

The chart below provides a view of how each agency's information technology spending relates to other agencies. The numbers at the bottom of the chart are in $ millions. This chart is based on OMB's initial budget numbers for 2007, published in mid-2006. these are still the official budget numbers, but since the 2007 budget was never officially approved, agencies are currently limited to capping spending at the 2006 budget levels. (Except for DOD and the Department of Homeland Security.)

See the individual agencies listed on the front page of this wiki for a more complete picture of each agency's IT budget.

Current Situation

The federal information technology budget can be broken out by "Steady State" information technology spending (meaning existing systems) vs. "Development, Modernization & Enhancement IT" spending (meaning new projects). The breakout for the originally proposed budget is shown below.

Spending Target 2005 2006 2007
Steady State $41.0 B $42.4 B $43.1 B
Dev, Modernization & Enhancement $21.2 B $21.0 B $20.7 B
Total $62.2 B $63.5 B $63.8 B

But the official Government It budget was never fully approved. This means that IT spending is not likely to reach the original budget outlined above. Instead a continuing resolution ws passed by Congress, keeping spending at the level approved for agencies in 2006.

Impact of the 2007 Continuing Resolution on Federal IT Budgets
Lacking final Congressional approval for the FY 2007 budget, most agencies are limiting their spending to FY 2006 budget levels, except as noted above. This has placed a damper on 2007 information technology spending at most agencies, but it has not severely cut spending because agencies are allowed to spend to the same level that they enjoyed a year ago. Only the Defense Department and the Department of Homeland Security have fully approved budgets.

The President initially requested $481 billion for the base budget of the Department of Defense, a $49 billion increase. In addition, the budget asked for $93.4 billion for the FY 2007 Emergency Supplemental bill and $141.7 billion in emergency funds for FY 2008 for war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Homeland Security
The Administration initially set an 8% increase to the Department of Homeland Security. (The Info technology spending total can be viewed on the Department of Homeland Security page. The president also proposed a $1.8 billion in “emergency” spending for border security provided in 2007.

2007 Federal Budget Supplemental Bills

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